Welcome to Bloomeree! We are a small, family-ran business located in Scotland, United Kingdom.


Bloomeree is inspired by NATURE with its boundless energy, and by YOU with your free spirit, imagination,and unshakeable resolve to seek life’s answers.

Nature moves us with its energy. It’s all around you and within you at the same time, moving in currents, waves, and jolts. This energy is infinite and freely moving. It’s unbounded by limits, trials, and struggles — a true bohemian spirit.

Like our elemental mother that is nature, yours is a free spirit constantly seeking for answers and the truth.

Like the natural stones that go through every difficult process imaginable — battered by waves, broken by storms, burned by fires — you go through various struggles every day. The stones that emerge from these ordeals are imperfect and reshaped, yet gaining characteristics that are unique to them.You reflect this process when you emerge from your own struggles — a little battered, maybe looking worse for wear, but still resplendent in your victory.



Modern life can put a lot of stress on you. Society has its own ideals about what you should look like and who you should be.

We want you to know that it’s not about paying heed to all these other voices. Life is not about fitting into a pre-set mold. Like how nature takes its own course and like how you can never know what pattern or color you can get from natural stones, you ride your own wave and stick to your guns. You might stumble or fall along the way, but you know how to pick yourself up and carry on. Your bruises, scrapes, and struggles all tell a story —your story. They’re a testament to your strength and make your beauty one of a kind. Remember that you hold the universe within you.

Let our jewellery remind you of your infinite potential, the fire that you have within you, and the kind of life that you want to live.