Anagolay Bracelet Stack


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Imagine yourself hopelessly looking for something that you lost. In the hopes of retrieving it, you pray to Anagolay, the goddess of lost things.

The dark colors of the beads are reminiscent of the void where lost things go. But despite the darkness, they still manage to offer a glimmer of hope. This handcrafted bracelet comes in one size and has four layers. Anagolay features a stainless steel druzy bangle and a big druzy stone centerpiece. A tassel adds a playful air to this chic bracelet.

Like its namesake, Anagolay is the hope that lost things can still be found.

- Handcrafted
- Set of 4 bracelets
- One size, fits most women's wrists (approx. 7 inches)
- Comes in a free branded gift box

- stainless steel bangle
- gemstone beads and connectors
- gold plated beads
- elastic cord
- tassel

Each bracelet varies slightly from what is pictured. Beads may look larger or smaller in size and because we use different kinds of natural stones, there will be differences in color and/or markings. Bracelet colors might also look lighter or darker depending on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone's color settings.

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